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Roughneck E-Z Read® Tape Measure 5m/16ft

5m Tape Measure
5m Tape Measure 2
Roughneck E-Z Read® Tape Measure 5m/16ft

Roughneck E-Z Read® Tape Measure

A premium grade product designed with the professional in mind. The outer casing is manufactured from a non-slip, shockproof rubber and is further complimented with a strong metal belt clip and powerful blade brake.

The rustproof blade is nylon coated for maximum durability, with metric and imperial graduations and is fitted with a 3 rivet reinforced end hook. E-Z Read® blades, where every 1/8in is marked for easy reading, stud marking every 16in and truss marking every 40cm.

This Roughneck E-Z Read® Tape Measure has metric and imperial graduations.

Blade Lengths Available:

5m/16ft with blade Width: 25mm

8m/26ft with blade Width: 25mm

10m/33ft with blade Width: 30mm

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