Black Limestone Sawn Edge 900×600 Calibrated – 19.50m2 Pack


£20.00 per m²


Black Limestone Sawn Edge 22mm 900×600 Pack 19.50m2

Black Limestone is a very attractive dark patio option and is becoming increasingly popular. The Black Limestone Sawn offers a Naturally Flat surface with a very Hard Wearing Stone with sawn straight edges. A popular choice to add contrast to your garden within planted gardens as the dark slabs offer a contrast to floral areas and turf. With a colour that unless sealed soon after installation, will gently fade to a charcoal grey, it is very distinctive and will create a modern look.

Thickness: 22mm calibrated

Country of origin: India

19.50m2 900×600  Pack CoverageConsisting off:

35 slabs of 900mm x 600mm

When laid using a 10-15mm joint.

We will split packs and also sell individual Sizes to discuss this please call 01782 533722 or visit the yard.

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