Pointfix Resin Jointing Compound 20kg




Pointfix is a superior multi-purpose jointing and repair mortar that comes premixed with resins. This means there is no liquid to measure and mix and is easier to mix compared to sands or cement mortar. Pointfix comes as a two pack epoxy resin-based pointing mix that is specifically designed for pointing and infilling between many types of surfaces including concrete, natural stone, brick work and stone work.

Available in 4 Colours: 

Buff – Light, Natural, Sand

Mushroom – Light, Grey

Grey – Mid Grey

Black – Dark


We all know if it rains, or is forecast to rain, completing a project can become a major problem; especially when trying to point bricks and slabs. Pointfix eliminates this issue as it can be applied in the rain and can even cure under water.

Pointfix comes in a range of colours allowing a wide choice of design and gives consistent colour mixes. The 50/50 mixing ratio means you only use what is needed from the packs, cutting down on waste. Pointfix can be stored until required and leftover product can even be mixed with other colours.

No liquids

1 Person application

No mess

Stronger joint than any polymeric

No hose or flooding required

No specialist tools required

No waste (you only need to mix the amount required) the remaining product can be stored for up to 12 months.

SUDS compliant

Easy to mix

Easy to apply

Suitable for all pointing including bricks

Easy 50/50 mixing ratio

No requirement for solvent or cement

Non staining

All weather

Can cure underwater