Raj Green Natural Sandstone 100×100 Cobble Setts 40mm +


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Raj Green Setts 100mm x 100mm x 40mm+


A Natural Sandstone Setts from Milton Garden Products comprises an array of olive greens and browns blending seamlessly into your garden. Raj Green Setts are basically the same as the sandstone paving only cut into smaller pieces. Cut from smaller blocks of stone they naturally capture more of a mixture of different colours resulting in an attractive and highly functional sandstone product. An ideal application would be for courtyards, driveways, paths and patios, when laid on an adequate sub-base and mortar bed.

Country of Origin: India

The Stone costs £40 per M2

Per M2: 85 Individual 100mm x 100mm x40mm+Setts


Also Available: 200mm x 100mm x 40mm+

Per M2: 43 Individual 200mm x 100mm Setts


Request as many Setts as you need, to discuss this please call 01782 533722 or visit the yard.

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