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Smooth Natural Sandstone Rainbow Mixed 19.52m2 patio pack

Rainbow Sandstone Mixed Draper
Rainbow Sandstone Mixed Draper 2
Rainbow Sandstone Mixed Draper 3
Rainbow Sandstone Mixed Jefferson
Rainbow Sandstone Mixed Jefferson 2
Rainbow Mixed EBAY
Rainbow Mixed EBAY 3
Rainbow Mixed EBAY 2
Rainbow sawn mixed sizes
Rainbow smooth mixed size 2
Rainbow smooth mixed 3

Smooth Rainbow

A natural Smooth Indian Sandstone with superb colour and veining variations with bright purple and orange colouring which makes it really stand out from the crowd.

Each slab is interesting in its own way and blended together on a larger area can make it a real feature. Becoming increasingly popular with its Sleek Contempory look and offering the guarantee of a smooth surface.

Thickness: 20mm

Country of origin: India

The Stone costs £22.00 per M2

19.52m2 Mixed size patio pack containing:

16 slabs of 900mm x 600mm

15 slabs of 600mm x 600mm

18 slabs of 600mm x 290mm 

16 slabs of 290mm x 290mm


Also available in Single size Packs

19.50m2 - 900mm x 600mm


When laid using a 10-30mm joint.

We Will split packs and also sell individual Sizes to discuss this please call 01782 533722 or visit the yard.

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